We are based in Malmö in the south of Sweden, close to Copenhagen. Malmö has the largest number of restaurants per capita in all of Sweden, and we are the proud self-exclaimed capital of falafel in Sweden.


How to get around

Getting around Malmö is relatively easy. Public transport is available through Skånetrafiken, and to get to Crime City Hall the closest bus stops are Malmö Annelund or Malmö Ystadsgatan. You can also take the train from Malmö C or Malmö Triangeln to Malmö Rosengård and the hall is just a short walk from there.

If you prefer to travel by bike, you can use Malmöbybike and use their app to find bike stations where you can pick up and park your bike. The closest Malmöbybike stop to the hall is by the Malmö Rosengård train station.

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