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Crime City Board
The Board has the overall responsibility for Crime City Rollers – to moving the association forward and making the major decisions regarding activities and economy. They also handle and searches contributions, have the contact to the City of Malmö and makes sure that rules and laws is followed.
Head of the borad can be reached at

The rookie group in Crime City Rollers – CCR is our beginner’s group where anyone over the age of 16 is welcome to join and learn roller derby!
If you are 16 years or older and have questions about starting playing roller derby or if you are already enrolled in the rookie group and have a question send us an email!

Do you want to play against us, or maybe want to arrange a bootcamp

Junior derby
The CCR junior teams consist of skaters ages 6 up to 17. All genders are welcome and skate together. With the youngest, we focus on playfulness and learning how to move on skates. With the older kids we focus more on gameplay and learn specific derby skills to be able to play games, without losing the playfulness of course! As the kids are ready for it, we play games against other junior derby teams. All questions regarding the junior activities, training fees, if you want to arrange something with us or play against us, can be sent to

Ref or NSO


PR and media


Sponsor us

Book an event
Curious about quads/skates and roller derby? Do you want to try something new and different? Looking for a fun activity for your after part or after work event? Book an event with Crime City Rollers Event group. Send us an email (minimum a month in advance) and we will reply with more info.

BP – Bout Production
We are the group that plans and work with all the practical things around a bout. From when the bout is confirmed up until game day. If you have any questions about an upcoming event, then we can probably help you.


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