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SLÄPP ALLT. Nu. Jobbet, plugget, förpliktelser och måsten, gräv ner allt i en djup grop tillsammans med dina hämningar – DET ÄR FREDAG! Som en hyllning till den bästa dagen i veckan röjer vi loss med ett sanslöst popkalas i Bistron på Moriska Paviljongen.

Länk till Moriskans facebookevent:

Förvänta dig ett saligt gott och blandat från DJ-båset; allt från Beyoncé till P3-hits, ordentligt kryddat med indieklassiker och anthems från de senaste 60 åren. Oooh Friday I’m in love!

Bakom skivspelarna denna afton:

CCRstofilerna Blåndsan och Maggan (Blondie och Naggan) spelar kramgoa indiehits från tre decennier. De lovar att bjuda upp till peppig fuldans genom att spela allt ifrån den senaste Håkanlåten till förra årets Pitchforkhits och gamla nittiotalsgodingar. Be there eller stå utanför korvmojjen!

Den goda smaken
Bompa och Darling är Crime City Rollers egna mix av Mean Girls och Charlie’s Angels. Bitchiga, gulliga och alldeles underbara. Nu levererar duon ett sassy, popsprängt DJ-set du sent ska glömma: allt från Taylor Swift och Beyonce till S.O.A.P och Rihanna. THIS IS HOW WE PARTY.

Summing up playoffs

Our playoffs weekend is over for this year. We started out with a hard fought, but mostly very tight, game against Atlanta Rollergirls. In the end they beat us by 43 points, sending us to the consolation bracket which eliminated our chances of going to champs later this year. Very disappointing of course!

But what kind of team could we be if we weren’t able to pick ourselves up, brush off and get right back up on that horse? On Saturday we first played Steel City and then Columbia, winning both games by more than 150 points.

And then for our final game, the one deciding  if we were gonna finish 5th or 6th, we had the honor to face our great fellow europeans at the tournament, Rainy City.  Another tight and exciting game, which ended with us having won by 30 points.

We entered the tournament as seed number 5 and finished in 5th place, we played four great bouts, we have tons of new experiences… and our three jammers were in the top 4 most scoring jammers during the weekend, with only Scald Eagle from Rose City topping us. Pretty cool! Read about it here.

Our final scores for the weekend:
Atlanta Rollergirls 155 – 112 Crime City Rollers
Crime City Rollers 271 – 100 Steel City Roller Derby
Crime City Rollers 260 – 100 Columbia Quad Squad
Crime City Rollers 142 – 112 Rainy City Roller Derby

You can read recaps of the games at Derby Central:

A huge thanks to all of the teams we played this weekend, and to all of those routing for us <3


Playoffs this weekend

Our A-team have now arrived in Columbia for the division 1 playoffs this weekend! We enter the tournament as seed 5 and our first game will be against Atlanta Rollergirls, seed 4.  All the games can be streamed on and our first game is at midnight on Friday (night between Friday and Saturday), Swedish time.  Cheer us on!


Going to playoffs in Columbia, South Carolina!

Last week WFTDA released the June rankings, determining that Crime City Rollers is now ranked at #19 and will go to division 1 play offs this fall! And now it is official that we are going to Columbia on September 9-11.


You can read more about play offs in Coumbia here:

You can watch our games live at

We need your support so please cheer for us at home(and in Columbia if you happen to be there)!!!

Swedish champions!


This weekend we finally brought home the gold!

On Saturday we played against Luleå Roller Derby, a game that ended 376 – 51 in our favor. Meanwhile, Dock City Rollers won their game against Gothenburg Roller Derby by 269 – 105, and it was determined that Crime City and Dock City would meet in the finals, for the first time. The final game was a good one, where Dock City had a small lead during the first ten minutes. Then Crime City scored 40 points in one jam and turned the game around. During the second half, we extended the lead even more and the game ended 340 – 139.

Many thanks to Luleå Roller Derby and Dock City Rollers, who gave us two good games this weekend, and to Norrköping Roller Derby who organized a great Swedish Championships! <3

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