Do you want to join CCR? You are welcome to become a member, join one of our work groups and/or be a referee or an NSO at any time. You can also transfer as a skater from another league at any time, but depending on our current timeline, it might still take some time to get on a team charter.

A few times per year we take in new groups of rookie skaters – our facebook page is the best place to keep track of when this happens.

If you have questions on how to become an NSO or referee, please contact

Juniors and miniors (skaters below the age of 18) are welcome to contact

Being a member of CCR costs 400SEK per calendar year (2024). If you are <19 y/o, the membership fee is 50 SEK per year.

Skating members also pay a training fee of 1000SEK per term. This covers our costs for insurance and renting practice space.

To become a member, send an email to

Write “New rookie”,  “New transfer” or just “New member”, as subject, according to your situation. In the email, include the following:

  • name
  • personal number (10 digits) (or birth date, 6 digits if you don’t have a personal number)
  • phone number
  • address
  • e-mail
  • a contact person with phone number in case of emergency (ICE).

You will receive an email with instructions on how to pay your fees, when you can come to practices, information about our working groups, how to register on our private forum and our guidelines.

If you’re transferring from another league, you should also send a recommendation letter from one of your previous coaches that confirms which level you are at.
Please send this to
You can also use this address if you want more information about transferring. Remember: if you want to join one of our teams you have to make sure that you are no longer registered as a player in your previous league.

To be eligible for a charter (team) you have to be active in one of our work groups. Everything in CCR is built on volunteering; from the people who train you to the people who organise our events. Once you’re in, you’ll be contacted about joining a work group.

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