We take in new skaters and officals in September!
More information can be found here. The try outs will be taking place 17/9 and 19/9.

New junior skaters are welcome to join Candy Snatchers on three dates this autumn:
27/8 , 3/9 and 17/9. For more information, check out our event on facebook.

Do you want to join CCR? You are always welcome to become a member and join one of our working groups and/or be a referee or an NSO. We take in new skaters a few times per year.

If you have questions on how to become an NSO or referee, please contact officials@crimecityrollers.com.

Juniors and miniors (skaters below the age of 18) are welcome to contact juniorderby@crimecityrollers.com.

Being a member of CCR costs 300SEK per calendar year. Skating members also pay a training fee of 450SEK per quarter. This covers our costs for insurance and renting practice space. To register as a member, follow these steps:

1. Pay 300SEK to bankgiro 792-3279. Enter your name and date of birth in the message field.

2. Send an email to membership@crimecityrollers.com. Write: “New Member” in the subject line and include your name, personal number (10 numbers), phone number, address, e-mail, phone number and a contact person in case of emergency.

3. You’re in! You will receive an email with information about our working groups, how to register on our private forum and our guidelines.

Once you got access to our forum you should:

  • If you are a beginner or have never played derby before, contact the freshmeat coaches by sending them a PM on the forum.
  • If you have passed minimum skills you are welcome to start practicing at scrimmage and skating skill-practice as soon as you have been cleared by one of our coaches, and you have paid the training fee. Talk to one of the coaches on a league (skating skills)-practice or a scrimmage. You will find our practice schedule on our forum.
  • If you are a transfer you should send a recommendation letter from one of your previous coaches that confirms which level you skated on and information regarding when you  passed the minimum skills-test (both written and practical). Please send this information to the coaches group in a PM on the forum. Remember: if you want to join one of our teams you have to make sure  that you are no longer registered as a player in your previous league. When you have access to the forum you should contact Players and Practice Administration and register your derby name and player nr if you passed minimum skills.

4. Join one of our working groups – everything CCR does is on a volunteer basis; from the people who train you to this website’s admin, and in CCR we give back. Select a working group that interests you and contact it (info is in the mail you got).

5. Come watch our next scrimmage (practice game) and decide if you want to be a member, skater, referee or non skating official. If you want to try skating you can come to our open skate every Wednesday 17.00-19.00 at Crime City Hall, Kopparbergsgatan 8. The scrimmage starts right after the open skate practice!  We provide skates and all the protective gear that you need.