We made it to D1 playoffs!


Okay so listen up. The first chock and excitement has settled and it’s soaked in. We are actually going to play Division 1 play offs! For all of you who do not think about WFTDA or rankings regularly we just want to take a moment to talk about how hugely huge this is!

Last summer was our teams first big step toward bettering our ranking and moving closer in the numbers. We went to New York State and Philadelphia to play 5 bouts on American soil. We did good. We ended up somewhere around 95 (in the international roller derby ranking).

This summer we took the flight once more to help our digits rise and to show how we play. When we left we were placed around 78. Honestly our goal was to be in division 2, but when all games were played and our master minds in the league had had their predictions we couldn’t quite get it. Could it be that we were in division 1?!

So we kept calm and yesterday when it was all official it became real for us as well!

We are ranked nr 30!
We are playing Division 1 playoffs! This is the same play offs that many of us (because of the time difference) stays up all night long and come to work sleepy every Monday in September.
Our team, Crime City Rollers, are actually going to the same tournament as the big teams. Wow! What a journey. Roller derby ftw!!

This is what we do. Let’s do it!

Also a big thank you to everyone that supported our trip/s to the US in anyway. We wouldn’t have made it without you!


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