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Crime City Rollers A & B vs Paris Rollergirls A

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(Photo by DANNY NGAN)

Come and cheer for Crime City Rollers A and B teams at a HOME BOUT! A derby filled day with two bouts against Paris Rollergirls A!

★ Schedule ★
13.30 Doors open!
14.00 Crime City Rollers A – Paris Rollergirls A
16.00 Crime City Rollers B – Paris Rollergirls A

★ Prices ★
100 kr adult (above 16 years)
70 kr youth (7-16 years)
0 kr kids (0-6 år)


As usual there will be great fika and merch for sale.

See you there ♥

If you have questions about this event email If you want to play roller derby or have any other questions email or write to us on facebook.

Want to start playing roller derby?

Fantastic, because we are now looking for new players and officials (referees & non-skating officials) for the best roller derby league in Sweden, Crime City Rollers! In march 2020 we will have two occasions for intake where everyone is welcome. We will give a short introduction to the sport, and you can try what it’s like to skate.

★ Date, time and location ★
– Sunday March 1st, 15.00 – 17.00
– Tuesday March 3rd, 20.00 – 22.00
– Our training hall is located at Kopparbergsgatan 8, with the entrance next to the climbing center.
– Please see that you come on time so that we can start as soon as possible!


Crime City Summer Bootcamp – level 1

Missing Malmö and your friends from last summer’s bootcamp? Lucky you!! It is FINALLY time for another Crime City Summer Bootcamp! Take the chance to be coached a whole weekend by players from Crime City Rollers and make many new derby friends this summer! Link to event:

Tickets available NOW!


Final selection of skaters for Team Sweden

Finally it’s official which skaters will get to play with Team Sweden!

Crime City Roller want to congratulate everyone that made it to the team and we are very proud to have 7 players in the team.

This is the swedish national team:

Karolina Berglöf Swede Hurt Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Elin Jakobsson Mrs Knuckles Ume Radical Rollers
Jenny Grönberg JJ Fury Crime City Rollers
Kristina Eriksson Kix DeVille Crime City Rollers
Juhlia Tyhlin Bonnie Clash “Bompa” Crime City Rollers
Sandra Ihlberg Crocodile Sandee Dock City Rollers
Caroline Borelius CaRollin’ Thunder Stockholm Roller Derby
Malou Lindholm Mad Maloony Stockholm Roller Derby
Fredrika Andersson Fred Finta Gothenburg Roller Derby
Maria Pihel Tjutet Crime City Rollers
Lina Frisk Fräulein F Reckless Dock City Rollers
Ulrika Dilton Sexual Her Ass-meant Crime City Rollers
Maja Nilsson Curly Håår Crime City Rollers
Josefin Hellgren Lil´Slinky Stockholm Roller Derby
Charlotte Jordy Hofmann Aloha Riot Crime City Rollers
Malena Chronholm Fenix Fortsomfan London Rollergirls
Sandra Karlsson Slice Princess Dock City Rollers
Ylva Arnberg Knickerblocker Glory London Rollergirls
Emma Österman CrackHer Stockholm Roller Derby

Charters autumn 2014


040      Aloha Riot
100      Curly Håår
1000    Hajen
101      Barbara Barfight
112      Blondie Deadhead
12        I AM
1337    Tjutet
159      JJ Furry
2          Sister Stitch
21        Ankefar
3          Prince Sofia
50 ft.    Cut-ya
53        Dykestalker
610      Sexual Her Assmeant
800      Bonnie Bompa
88        Belgian Bob
9          Kix Deville
925      Evil Eye
d34f     Hanna Påhlsson
HK13   Pooky Balboa


01       Bitter Fit
10       RtoBeatU
1000   Hajen
16       Feisty Attack
177     Hvalkjøtt
241     Sugar Rush
245     Tacky Tracktor
33MW Wermland
34       Space Unicorn
4         P.K Rollin´
44       Boffo Bunhead
50ft.    Cut-ya
501     Rambling Ruter
6         Brutal Bambi
77       Tere
7         Julia Lundby
79       Goldieblocks
88       Belgian Bob
90       Lilla Döden
CA1    Trixie Wonder
d20     Nørdic Rage


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