CCR A-team Rollin’ USA

CCR wanna go west!
Crime City Rollers have been invited to participate in ECDX – our biggest challenge yet. We have been skating the streets and tracks of Crime City since 2010, meeting teams from all over Europe. But now we have the chance to give it all in the country where it all began…

We are a group of hard-working and devoted people; skaters and officials, grown-ups and kids, and we spend all the time on our hands to play and get better at the game we love.

Three years ago we would never have imagined playing in the U.S, amongst teams we had only seen on the computer screen. Now we have finally gotten that opportunity but we cannot do it alone. With your help, we can get a chance to spread Swedish roller derby across the Atlantic and gain valuable experience for our league to grow.

How can you help?
We are collecting money to travel to the U.S and this is where we need your help. It will cost us a total of 17.000 euro in travel expenses for a whole team and bench crew. Our goal is to get funds from selling merch, throwing parties, bootcamps and more fun stuff – but we hope to raise some of the amount in this campaign.

By helping us, you also help erasing borders and boudaries between teams, countries and continents. Every little helps and is gratefully recieved! If we don’t reach our fundraising goal we will still use all we get to cover as much as possible of the travel costs.

If you are not able to contribute with money, please help us by spreading the word!

Check out our videos! … -ecdx#home

ECDX presentation

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