Crime City Rollers A team is going to Florida!


Crime City Rollers is proud to announce that our very own A Team is traveling to the US for a second time! We are headed south to Miami, Florida to play the Beach Brawl Tournament for our biggest challenge yet. We are one of four lucky European teams selected to play at this tournament.

Beach Brawl recently announced Crime City’s matchups, which we are thrilled will all be sanctioned against amazing opponents.

12 Juni 6PM Crime City Rollers (82) vs. Emerald City Roller Girls (86)
13 Juni 8PM North Star Roller Girls (80) vs. Crime City Rollers (82)
14 Juni 3PM Gold Coast Derby Grrls (65) vs. Crime City Roller Girls (82)

Traveling to the US as a team is expensive and our ultimate goal is to reach Division 2 playoffs and show the world the strength of European Roller Derby and Crime City Rollers.

In order to raise money we have among other things made specialized Florida merch that we will be selling at CCR events. You can also buy merch from A team players themselves.

Tank top/T-shirt(organic): 160kr

Our A-team players will be selling merch at Mitt Möllan Spring Market, April 11th and 12th, where you will also you will have the opportunity to try skating. We will have skates and protective gear available!

We are extending our eyes and ears throughout Malmö, nationally in Sweden and in the US in the search for Sponsors. This journey for the A team will not only bring exposure to the sport of roller derby but it will bring attention to our sponsors. We have already gained the sponsorship of Sisu Mouth Guards and we are hoping to secure more sponsors as the spring continues! If you are interested in sponsoring Crime City Rollers’ A Team on our US trip contact:

We have also started an indiegogo campain to raise money:
Our goal i to raise 2000EUR in 60 days and we need your help. All contributions are very welcome and if you can’t contribute please help us spread the word.


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