The Apex has recently annonced The 2017 Apex Awards, where praise is given to Crime City in a number of ways.

Not only is the league named league of the year (tie with Rainy City)- but Muffa is named coach of the year, the crowd in Malmö during Play offs gets an honourable mention as Superfan of the year (That’s all of you!),  and Below me gets an honourable mention as Blocker of the year. It has been a good year indeed.

From the citation for the League of the year award :

“Crime City and Rainy City Roller Derby (Tie)
The collective efforts from league members of Crime City and Rainy City in 2017 were massive and beyond their own league success they both have established and encouraged the growth of European derby for many years to come.”

We are proud of what we have achieved together as a league, and also to see how far European roller derby has come. We are looking forward to what 2018 bring us.

The sky is the limit!