Junior and officials bootcamp!

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It’s finally that wonderful bootcamp time again!

Crime City Rollers is hosting a bootcamp on the weekend of November 25-26 in Malmö. The bootcamp is for juniors (level 3) and officials (beginner/ intermediate).

Junior bootcamp

Juniors will be taught by Crime City Rollers very best skaters! Learn how to refine the roller derby skills you already have – and learn lots of new stuff as well! Juniors from leagues in and outside of Sweden are welcome!

We are also excited to welcome those of you that coach juniors. Get to know other junior coaches, learn from their experiences and participate in our classes – and take it all back to your own league and practices!

Officials bootcamp

Our officials bootcamp is for those on a beginner or intermediate level. We will talk about officiating procedures, how to put together an officials crew, what to do as a HNSO/HR, etcetera. Everyone will get the opportunity to try out different positions over the weekend!


Purchase your tickets here!

(We also have some of our juniors that are interested in hosting other junior players. We will reach out two weeks before the bootcamp with more information to those who buy tickets)



Check-in (all participants)

Bingo (all participants)

Juniors: Drills and defense with Vilda and Wilma
NSO: Introduction to NSO:ing with Cassie
SO: Official roles and communication with Muren

12:30-13:30 LUNCH (all participants)

Juniors: Jammer school with Ebba, Fannie and Wilma
NSO: Introduction to NSO:ing with Cassie
SO: Behavior game management with Mountie

15:00-16:00 SCENARIO SCRIM (all participants)

Juniors: Offence with HP and Anker
NSO: Introduction and staffinf with Muren
SO: Pack definition and scenarios with Lightlinn

Juniors: Offskate with HP and Anker
NSO: Introduction and staffing with Muren
SO: Pack definitions on skates with Lightlinn

12:30-13:30 LUNCH (all participants)

13:30-16:00 SCRIM (all participants)
Juniors: Ebba, Vilda and Anker
NSO:  Muren
SO: Lightlinn
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