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Two wins for our C-team last weekend!


Last weekend our C-team played two exciting games that resulted in two victories. They skillfully picked it up in the second half of both of the games and gave the audience and us at home a really nerve wrecking experience.  Thank you Västerås for a great event!

First game: Västerås Roller Derby 178 – Crime City C 203.
Second game: Crime City C 164 – The Royal Swedish Roller Derby Royal Brigade 149.
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CCR C victory x2

Our C-team travelled to Västerås this weekend to play two bouts, one against Västerås Roller Derby A and one against Royal Swedish Roller Derby B. Both games were extremely tight and both VSTRD and RSRD were in the lead for most of the games, but our C-team managed to turn it around in the final minutes and won both games! What an accomplishment, to pull that off twice in one day!

We want to thank VSTRD and RSRD for two great games and an amazing weekend <3


Crime City Rollers’ B team ranked 17th in Europe!

Wow! What a great end to this season. Our B-team won both of their games in Tenerife and ended up winning the whole tournament! Great job Beste, you are awesome! As the icing on the cake they just moved up to number 17 on flat track stats and are now the second best b-team in Europe! Fantastic news!
Thank you so much Tenerife Roller Derby for hosting such a great event and games! And thank you Dundee Roller Girls! 15542116_1259746697396765_525028261748129630_n

Let us introduce this month’s WFTDA featured skater, our very own Hanna P!


Read the interview here:

Hjulbout med Crime City Rollers 3 dec – Pantertanter vs. Lammkött!


✧・゚: *✧・゚:* HJULBOUT med Crime City Rollers *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Välkommen till årets sista bout i Limhamns sporthall som kommer att gå i (h)julens tecken.
Dagen kommer att bestå av två temabout med spelare från Crime City Rollers olika nivåer, luciatåg med Systerskapskören, fika till försäljning, julmusik och en massa annat julkul!

Tomtar vs. tomtenissar :
Tomtenissarna från våra juniorer Candy Snatchers utmanar de lite äldre (över 18 år) tomtarna.

Pantertanter/panterpersoner vs. lammkött:
Spelare från Crime City Rollers A-, B- och C-lag har delats upp utifrån ålder. Bered er på en tuff kamp – är gammal äldst eller är det nytt blod som krävs för att ta hem segern?

☆ Schema för dagen☆
14:00 Dörrarna öppnas
14:30 Tomtar vs. tomtenissar
15:30 Pantertanter/panterpersoner vs. lammkött
17:30 Överraskningsaktivitet och priser

☆ Plats☆
Limhamns sporthall (Grönalundsgatan 6)
Busshållplats: Linnéskolan

☆ Inträde☆
Vuxen 60kr
Ungdom 30kr (7-15 år)
Barn gratis (0-6 år)
Betalning möjlig med KONTANTER eller SWISH!

Royal Biljard, från kl. 19
Adress: Ystadsgatan 53a

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* HJULBOUT med Crime City Rollers *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Welcome to the last bout of this year in Limhamns sporthall.
The day will contain two theme bouts with players from the different levels of Crime City Rollers, luciatåg with Systerskapskören, fika for sale, christmas music and a lot of other fun, christmasy things!

☆The bouts☆
Tomtar vs. tomtenissar:
Players of Candy Snatchers as santas little helpers are challanging the older (over 18 years) players as santas.

Pantertanter/panterpersoner vs. lammkött:
Players of the different levels of the leauge are formating teams dependning on the year of birth.
Simply older against younger.

☆ Schedule☆
14:00 Doors open
14:30 Tomtar vs. tomtenissar
15:30 Pantertanter/panterpersoner vs. lammkött
17:30 Surprise activity and prizes

Limhamns sporthall (Grönalundsgatan 6)
Bus stop: Linnéskolan

☆ Entrance☆
Adult 60kr
Youth 30kr (7-15 years)
Kids for free (0-6 years)
Payment possible with CASH or SWISH

At Royal Biljard, starting 7pm
Address: Ystadsgatan 53a

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